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Follow Your Passion And Make Money Doing It. How The Amazing Spider-Man Improved My Quality Of Life

I started collecting comic books at the age of 14.  The thing that initially drew me into the fantastic world of superheroes and imagination was something that excited all of us young comic book readers….The Advertisements!  Every young kids imagination went wild with such things as X-Ray Specs, Sea Monkeys, “Gain 10 lbs. of pure Muscle in 12 days” Send away for Charles Atlas secrets to building muscle. “Don’t let some bully kick sand in your face”! I really thought that I stumbled onto a cornucopia of knowledge, secrets and every cool item that every human being wanted.

When I tell you that I sent away for information about every one of those ads I mean it. I was like young Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” running out to the mailbox everyday hoping and praying that it would be the day that his secret decoder ring would arrive in the mail.  To him, that ring was going to decode the message on the back of a cereal box (and it did that)which would change his whole life and let him into the secrets that only a privileged few would ever know. In the movie Ralphie finally received his package in the mail.  he immediately opened it up, ran inside and went right to work on the coded message on the back of a cereal box. To his disappointment the message that was revealed was nothing more than an advertisement for the cereal itself. That is pretty much the way it went for all that stuff advertised in comic books. Boy, those marketing and advertising reps. sure know how to get a young kid worked up and excited about something that would eventually turn out to  be a real piece of crap.

The sea monkeys were nothing more than Brine Shrimp that were barely visible.  There were no little outfits, no crowns, Thy couldn’t play on a little underwater playground and they didn’t smile either.  The X-Ray Specs were just cardboard over the lenses of a pair of glasses with plastic covered eye holes that just blurred your vision.  You couldn’t see through girls clothes or look through walls and the worse one was Charles Atlas’s information on becoming a buff bodybuilder in 12 days. After sending for the “Free Information” that was going to  transform my physique into that of a superhero’s, six weeks went by when I finally received the envelope.  The contents of that envelope contained a much bigger and longer advertisement for his mega workout program.  What?  What a letdown.  I had no money to send for that and my mother flat out said no. What a letdown.

Even though all of those ad’s ended up being disappointments, they still captured my imagination and even better than that, it got me actually reading the comic books.  Needless to say I was hooked from the day I opened my first comic.  I fell in love with everything about them.  The art, the story telling, superheroes and super villains.  I loved everything about them.

Before long I buying new comics every week.  I had a list of books that I collected and every week I would go the comic book shop in the mall while on  my lunch break.  Yes, comic books are the reason that I started working when I was 14. Although it was not a glamorous job, working at Taco Bell in the Echelon Mall food court paid me enough to buy all the comic books that I wanted every week.

From the start I knew that I had to take really good care of my comic book collection. They all got bagged immediately after I read them. Then I put them away alphabetically in long comic book boxes in my closet. After all, someday they might be worth something.  If I had a dime for every time somebody said that to me I would be rich.

I had many favorite books and superheroes.  I really enjoyed every one of them.  I appreciated the talent and imagination that went into them.  Stan Lee created mostly all of the Marvel universe and I respected that guy a lot.  He is a visionary and pioneer.  The grandfather of comic books.

Out of all the titles, heroes and villains I would have to say that my favorite has always been Spider-man.  He is really to leader of the Marvel Universe and recognized all over the world.  He has a one-of-a-kind origin, interesting life story, awesome powers and a real tough guy.  All of that and he is probably the most down to earth and relatable character there is.

I took a long break from collecting.  I stopped around 1995 when I was about 22 or 23 but I put my collection away for safe keeping.  I started to sell my collection a little bit at a time on ebay in 2010.  I needed some extra money and the comics were just sitting in a garage.

To my surprise, I realized that I had some really good issues put away.  I had no idea at the time what they would be worth.  When I started listing them I was blown away at how much some of them increased in value.  I had an extensive Amazing Spider man collection.  I found that they were some of the most sought after collector’s issues out there.  I remember listing The Amazing Spider man #300 and couldn’t believe how high the bidding went simply because Venom appeared in that issue for the first time.  Amazing Spider man #136 and 137 were nice surprises as well fetching over $100 each.

As I sold my collection I was remembering how much I loved comic books, not only as a kid, but now as well.  I started to shop on ebay a little bit and found myself buying different issues of The Amazing Spider Man only to flip them.  I would take pictures of the books and list them on ebay on the same day that I received them.  I found that I was making a small profit every time I did that.  I continued to buy and sell Amazing Spider-Man comic books right up until the present.  Just today I listed Amazing Spider-Man #127 on ebay.  I received it in the mail today after winning the bidding on it a few days ago.  I will get to admire it for a few days before I ship it out to the next owner.  I also have The Amazing Spider-man #317 up for auction.  That issue also features the early days of Venom and Todd McFarlane worked on that issue.

I was always told to follow my passion and to try to do what I like doing for a living.  I don’t make enough money buying and selling comics to live on but it does allow me to have extra spending money that I would not have had otherwise. I always have some good things listed on ebay.  My seller name is Preferredplus.  I am just getting to a point now where I am looking into setting up a store on ebay.  I have to accumulate more product first but a store seems like it is the way to go. Ebay not only allows me to indulge in my hobby and work with the things I love most but they also help put money in my pocket t the same time. Now what could be better than that?  Ebay facilitates the means by which I am able to have a small (very, very small) business and do what I love.


The Possession…A Film Review by Eddie Hollywood- “No better way to spend a Sunday”

The Possession

Hand of Demon tries to claw its way out of the little girl.  Tough exit.

I saw the movie this past Sunday afternoon.  I rode my bike nearly 12 miles to find a theatre and let me tell you something…..It was hot!!!  I said it was hot but at about 1:20pm on this 97 degree day my shoes felt like they were melting and leaving wet pieces of rubber on the ground behind me as I walked.  So what I am trying to say is the A/C in the theatre was a blessing because ”It was Damn Hot”!

Now I am the first to admit that I am one big sucker when it comes to a movie that depicts a little girl who is possessed by a very nasty demon that forces her to start speaking in strange voices, twisting her body in an unnatural manner and turns the girl into its very own demonic plaything.

Now one of my favorite parts was during a bonding scene when the Father started talking to the little girl at the breakfast table.  She ignored him but continued to shovel breakfast into her face at a furious pace.  Finally, her father wouldn’t shut up, she was trying to eat and ended up stabbing her Dad in the hand with a fork while breathing heavily through a stuffed mouthful of pancakes.  I could tell early on that this would be a good one.  I settled right in with a small drink and some kind of gummy candy that cost more than the price of the movie ticket which was $5.00 that day.

I enjoyed the movie.  It moved at a good pace and pretty much got right to the good stuff.  No long, drawn out boring clues that kept people  wondering if  something was really wrong.  Is she sick? Maybe she ate something bad?  Did she get her period?  No none of that!    They didn’t dwell there.  They got straight to the point.   I mean, it was pretty apparent that there was a severe problem with this kid.  The kind of problem that a a mother couldn’t even be bothered with. A mother loves her kid with all her heart but c’mon………

This was the kind of problem that takes the color out of your skin, gives you goose-bumps and narrows your pupils.  This particular type of issue is the kind of thing that will have you second-guessing every belief you have and you will start to question whatever teachings you studied  as part of your religious denomination.  You will wonder if anyone really knew what they were talking about. This could not be handled by just anyone.  No, the priest from the exorcist would have gone back to the alter boys for comfort because this problem required some serious attention.  Not just anyone could stare in the face of such evil and not wet his pants.  This was obviously the type of  problem that could  only be handled by a Hacidic Jew and a Hacidic Jew only….Period!  That much was apparant.

I mean, who else could possibly deal with a problem such as this?  Well, it turns out that the little girls Dad runs out and after a little bit of research.  And I do mean just a little, tiny bit of research, he manages to find a secret clan of Hacidic Jews.   He told the  Hacidic Jews and about this problem he was having.  He explained that the demon came out of a box made from wood.   He told the jew, “my daughter had an MRI taken this afternoon.  As me and my wife watched the MRI screen we could clearly see the face of a demon poking around inside our little girl looking at us through the MRI scan”.  “Now I seen some things in my life but how do we try getting our heads around this one”?  “Now, this is a real problem”!  “I mean, how exactly does one go about trying to remove a demon that has decided to take up residence inside our daughter”?  “That demon looked so comfortable like he was in his own personal Snuggy”!

What a question huh?  Now that I have all of your interest and you can’t wait to find out what happens to the demon, the girl and the jew I’m gonna go ahead and do this……… the answer to that question will be revealed to you when you go and pay $5.00 to see the matinee like I did.  The very long, hot and sweaty bike ride is optional and it does not necessarily have to be 97 degrees either.  I like the movie for the most part.  It was entertaining.    Although I enjoyed the film I have to say that I was expecting much more.  The executive produces of the film are Sam Raimi and Bob Tapart.  The same producers/directors that brought us all The Evil Dead Trilogy…..Spartacus…..Spiderman…..Darkman….countless other classics.  Two of the best minds in the business if you ask me.  Not that you would, but if you asked thats what I would tell you.

This movie was creepy and good but it seemed to be missing the magic that Sam Raimi usually adds to his films.  I was expecting the roller coaster ride that one usually gets with his films.  That being said,  I still liked it and would reccomend it.   There you go, this movie gets 4 out of 5 squirting, pulsing, beating, vein filled, freshly ripped from chest hearts!  Enjoy!  Oh, and feel free to put those hearts on a soft taco shell with some cheese and lettuce.  It’s to die for!!  Eddie Hollywood is out of here!

Supershark amazes viewers on SyFy Channel today with a strong combination of CGI and terrible acting. -Review by Eddie Hollywood


This was on SciFy channel today. These movies always capture my attention and I watch tons of them……I don’t even know why? Lol I liked when the military jet was trying to blow the supershark out of the water but he flew straight up into the air and bit off the wing. The woman onshore says “It flies”. The military guy in charge says “That’s not good”.

Waiting for “Supershark meets Alien Tornadoe!”  Supershark is sucked into Space and begins to devour planets trying to fill his unending appetite.  look for it!

Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn – Film Review by Eddie Hollywood

Fantastic! I love this cult classic! One of my favorite movies due to its gore, over the top comedy, demonic undertones and of course………. Bruce Campbell!! ( Beginning of his career. Way before Sam Axe was ever thought of for Burn Notice). The movie came out in 1987 and I have followed the career of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi, the director, ever since. Sam Raimi went on to direct Darkman, one of the Spiderman movies, the television series Hercules and Zena. He also played a huge part in the production of one of my favorite series, Spartacus on Stars.

The movie is about Ash and his girlfriend trying to enjoy a romantic weekend in a remote cabin. Ash finds a tape player and plays it. It recites incantations which release holy hell on the couple. Demons are brought into their dimension. The girlfriend is immediately possessed and Ash must sever her head and bury her. She quickly rises from the dead and attacks Ash. The severed head bites him and infects his hand. The hand becomes possessed and Ash proceeds to beat the living crap out of himself. Bruce Campbell actually does his own stunts during this scene including punching himself repeatedly and grabbing himself by the hair then flipping himself over onto the floor.  What is one to do? Well, he must sever his own hand…..with a chainsaw of course! He then goes into demon hunter/killer mode and uses the chainsaw and sawed off shotgun as his signature weapons as he goes after the demons. Bruce Campbell is excellent in this role. It is supposed to be kind of cheesy and campy and Campbell pulls it off like no one else ever could. Anyway, he finds a way to send the dark force through a portal to another dimension. Oh yeah, he gets sucked into the portal and lands in a medieval wasteland surrounded by knights on horses. Thus, the setup for Evil Dead 3: Army Of Darkness.

I cannot say how much I love this movie!

This poll is a special request by Bill Flynn and it has been brought to you by…..Eddie Hollywood.

My original Poem about Howard Stern. It’s currently a semi-finalist in an amateur poetry contest.

Howard Allen Stern

H. Allen And A Dream

Little Allen Stern

Gained employment on the air

He had a dream

That it would seem

To accomplish

Required long hair

This persona needed crafting

Allen was all in

He would become the best DJ ever

But not one record would he spin

He had a plan

His plan was big

He would shock the world

As he played the pig

He started small

He shocked a few

Mass hypnosis followed

The fans grew and grew

With low self-esteem

Ben Stern did instill

Try to please Daddy…

The effort was nill

 “You’ll never add up”

“You’re only a clown”

“Why don’t you just listen?”


The ratings did rise

Opposing DJ’s did fall

The throne belonged to you

Not Dabella, not at all

 As his empire grew

His self-image still plundered

A deep-seated issue

Requiring therapy times one hundred

Success is yours

It was destined for you

With sponsors like expedia

You became The King Of All Media

Eli Roth’s Goretorium will soon stain the streets of Las Vegas in the color of blood.

News Flash from Eddie Hollywood……

Eli Roth will be opening his first Goretorium on the strip in Las Vegas.  Not a whole lot is known about it yet.  What we do know is that it will be a multi-level, “Haunted House” style attraction.  It goes without saying that there will be gore… and lots of it.  The property is in a building that shares space with Bubba gump shrimp Co. and Panda Express.  It is located across from Planet Hollywood.

From the sound of things, this will be the first location of many.  He plans on franchising the attraction and is already in talks regarding the opening of properties in London, Tokyo and across America.  Roth was quoted as saying that his goal is to make the Goretorium “the world mecca for horror fans”.

Being a huge fan of Eli Roth’s Hostel films and a fan of horror and gore in general, I can’t wait for it to open.  It is set to open in September of this year.  Well, this looks like as good a reason to go to Vegas for vacation as any.  It’s like waiting for a blockbuster movie to open.  I have no idea what exactly to expect but I know it will be awesome and I can’t wait!

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